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Squadron Group Photo

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 243
Pilots and Ground Officers – Group Photo
Emirau Island – South Pacific
September – October 1944

Back Row, Left to Right:Richard H. Lewis, Donald E. Johnson, Edward H. Carman, James L. McCullough, William R. Knowles, Robert M. Acker, Miles Brown-Murfreesboro, TN. (Material), Jack W. Kahler (Instruments), Ralph Martin-Atlanta, GA. (Engineering), Stanley J. Roy-Cleveland, OH. (Adjutant), Milton W. Dennison-Harrisburg, PA. (Ordnance), James T. Pierce-Weymouth, MASS. (Asst. Engineer), David E. Bridges (Engineer Section), Rowley (Operations), Harold A. Clemetsen.

Third Row, Left to Right:Donald L. Hooper, Anthony A. Yukna, Herbert N. Ahrens, Badgely A. Elmes, Ernest P. Cole (Intelligence), Robert L. Waters, Phillip B. Anderson, Commander Joseph W. Kean, Executive Raymond F. Kennedy, Robert M. Heublein, Charles E. Allen, James E. Renshaw, Marvin B. McElhiney, William Carlisle

Second Row, Left to Right:Howard B. Corbett, Roy M. Brennan, William F. Moore, Edward W. Jensen, Leo R. Currie, Warren C. Child, Conway M. Andersen, Augustus Duryea, Harold C. Grogan, Eugene Hafeman, Roy J. Comstock, Barney E. Hill,

Front Row, Left to Right:John Hockman, John F.Lent, Robert J. Carrol, Joseph Baker, James R. Brown, Mario M. Finnochio, William G. Albert, Lawrence H. Brandon, Richard F. Gross, Robert J. Blewett, Edward F. Conlin.

Absent Day of Photo: Vance A. Lahey, Jack R. McKinney, Dr. Larue Wiley, MD

VMSB243 Tail Gunners

Major Kean and the First Division of “Picked” Men
(Handwritten Under Photo)

Row Two, Left to Right:Harold A. “Clem” Clemetsen, Major Joseph W. “Major” Kean (C.O.), William P. “Big Bill” Knowles.
Row One, Left to Right:Warren C. “The Kid” Child, Howard B. “Hollywood” Corbett, Leo R. “Rodger” Currie

Back Row L-R William H. Casey ( Ponca City, OK),
Stephen F. Gibbons ( Kalamazoo, MI.), ? Rightmeyer, ? Perrin ( North Carolina)

Front Row L-R Arthur B. Crutcher, ? Morgan, Marvin Porter,
Daniel Williams ( W.Va.)

Perrin and Rightmeyer

USMC Tech.Sergeant and VMSB-243 Engineering Chief, John Slota, (topside) hands a fellow MT/SGT (unidentified corpsman precariously straddling the prop) a tool circa 1944 on the island of Emirau.

Vance Lahey's scar from fuse of Jap Hand Grenade

Corbett (Toby), Knowles (Toro), Elmes (Mike), Acker ( Saki)

Harold Clemetsen and Cy Dolezel

Brown, Comstock and Mac Playing Horseshoes

Returning from a Strike
Albert, Corman, Allen and McKinney

Jack R. (Mac) McKinney

? and Mac McKinney

Poker Boys
Corbett, Lahey and McElhiney

Evening "Bull" session on the front porch of Hut #6

Front Row (l-r) Acker, Elmes, J.A. Deatherage (VMF211)

Back Row (l-r) Knowles, Krieger (VMF115), Ahrens and Corbett.

Kennedy by Squadron Office

Williams, Perrin and Casey - Oct. 1944

State-Side Bound

Back Row (on truck l-r) Gibbens, Williams and Rightmeyer

Front Fow (l-r) Porter, Crutcher and Morgan

Hill, Elmes (Saki), McCullough (Mike)

Arrival of 2nd Class Mail

Major Kean- 243-CO

l-r McElhiney, Brandon, Anderson, McCullough

Supplemental Income Program

Ahrens and Acker

Corbett, Knowles, and Acker

Standing around waiting for group photo to be taken.

Ten men per Quonset Hut

Ahrens (l) and Corbett (r) discuss maneuvers. Currie in back left with Knowles (r) practicing his sign language.

Hollywood Corbett

Front Row (l - r) Crutcher, Morgan, Porter and Williams Back Row (l - r) Casey, Gibbens, Rightmeyer and Perrin

The "Untouchables" l-r Carlisle, McKinney and Heublein

Heublein (The Body) left and Albert (Spider) right

Heublein teaching "Gret" to jump

Base P.R. Photographer Edward P. Smith & Friends

Elmes, Deatherage & Knowles with talking bird.

Unloading of beer truck at Pityilu. And thence back to Emirau with 20-24 cases in the rear seat and 10 on each wing tank.

J.E.Renshaw...One of the most photogenic characters in 243.

Elmes, Porter,Anderson and Brandon drawing their 6 beers and 4 cokes.

Some of the boys unwinding

Lt. MacCarty and Sgt. Smith with a Musson prize

(l-r) Yehudi, Anderson, Champion, Clemetsen and Danson

Jack Larson- l and Bill Butterfield -r

Joe Thompson, Tailgunner & Major Joseph Kean