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Cliff Row – Pilots' Country – Acorn 7

Cliff Row – Pilots' Mess – Acorn 7

St. John's Chapel - Rev. J.J. Feeley

Home for Renshaw, Branden, Elmes and Clemetsen

Interior of Island Chapel. Imitation stained glass windows made from painted cheesecloth. Organ pipes-natural bamboo.

First "Scat" arrives on the island

Fighter situated in a "natural" hanger.

The USS Francis- The ship the Ground Echlon moved out on 12/12/1944

Engine repair and overhaul shop.

40 Men / One Jeep ...Transportation ratio: 40 pilots - One Jeep
12 Ground Officers- 18 Jeeps, 6 Command Cars and a Transportation Pool.

Acorn 7 Photo Lab where many of the photos on this site were developed

Tire Shop - Acorn 7

The Laundry - Acorn 7

Small Repairs - Acorn 7

Theater Arena - Acorn 7

Hospital - Acorn 7

Surgical Instrument Storage Area

Medical Supplies Area

Doc. Hartford wielding his square needle

Operating Room - Acorn 7

Lighting and Emergency Lamps

Dental Clinic

Stretcher Cart

Fracture Table - Hurts to look at