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Join the Squadron

Thanks for Your Support! If you would like to support our efforts to preserve the memories of members of VMSB243, while saluting their service to our country, please consider making a donation to our cause.

We recommend a donation of $50 per year to help defray costs relating to the annual reunion, preparation and distribution of periodic newsletters and other efforts to promote the squadron. However, any amount you can afford to send will be greatly appreciated.

Please forward your contribution to:

Jim Slota, VMSB243 Treasurer
1369 Clarkson Pines Lane
Ellisville, MO 63011-2159

Along with your financial contribution, please send us your name and ground/e-mail addresses. Also, if one of your family members or friends was a part of the squadron, please let us know their name(s) so we can note your donation in their honor.

A current VMSB243 financial report is available at anytime, upon request, and is thoroughly discussed and voted upon at every annual meeting.